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Recreational Courses

Training & Certification

International Yacht Training Academy is a foundation that aims to improve and standardize the education and training scheme and curriculum for those who wish get into the culture of sailing recreationally.

With the license you will receive at the end of your training, you will be able sail your boat in the international waters, as this license will be a proof that you have taken necessary theoretical and practical courses to competently operate a yacht.

Price includes ?

Q & A

A week at the Academy

Exam ?

If your goal is to get a license at the end of your training, yes you have to take a written and a practical exam and pass with satisfactory grades.

All of the training that take place at the Academy, both for recreational and professional students, happens on board with 100% real examples and scenarios. The moment you step onto the boat, you are the captain. The instructor is only there to assist you and give you necessary instructions. Our weekly programs start on Saturdays from our base in Adaköy/Marmaris, and ends on Friday of the same week. You can check our destinations page to see where we sail to on regular basis. 

We take advantage of every moment at our weekly courses. Everyday we sail to a different bay or island. Every place we go to, we manage to find somewhere to climb, do yoga, swim and exercise. So you can take the most out of your vacation.

Before we go out sailing, we go through our theoretical studies. During the day we sail approximately 5 to 6 hours to arrive at a new destination.

Check-in / Check-out

CHECK - IN : Saturday 17:00

CHECK - OUT: Saturday 09:00

We meet on Saturdays at 5pm. Training day starts on Sunday and ends on Friday evening.


How can I make a reservation?

-Pick a date for yourself from the booking plan

-Fill up the reservation form

-We will get back to you with details



1- International Competent Crew

This is an entry level course which will teach you the basics of sailing and sailing terminology as a competent crew

-Sailing 101


-Points of sails



-Man over Board

-Living on board, the culture of the sea

 650 Euro

2- International Flotilla Skipper

This second level course will allow you to sail your own boat in a fleet charter

-The repeat of the first level

-Coastal navigation


-Sail trim

-Mediterrenean mooring

-Facing with technical problems

 650 Euro

3-International Bareboat Captain
Anchor 1

-Education and certificates


-Training Materials

-Bed sheets and covers


-Marina fees


Anchor 2

After acquiring this level of certificate, you will be eligible to sail your own boat or rent one


-Assymetric balkon



-Electronic navigation

-Tides and currents

 650 Euro

VHF Radio

 250 Euro

4-Master of the Yacht Coastal - Recreational



-Upper level navigation


-Dealing with mechanical problems on board

-Firs aid

-Climbing a mast

650 Euro

5-Master of the Yacht Offshore - Recreational


-Ship's lights and day shapes

-Solas rules


-Anchoring with sails on

-Night navigation and night sailing

650 Euro

6-Master of the Yacht Ocean - Recreational

-Astro Navigation

-The use of sextant

-Taking sighting

-Star plan


1,100 Euro

Ekran Resmi 2018-09-09 22.44.05.png

* What is included in the price ?

For participants;

- Accomodation

-Training Materials

- License

- Bed sheets and Covers

- Transitlog


- Marina Fees

- Last clean up of the boat

For rentals;

-Training Materials


-TBed sheets and Covers

-Last cleaning

*What is not included in the price?

For individuals;

- Bureaucratic expenses when sailing outside of Turkey is around 90 Euros per person

Food shopping for the boat is shared by the participants

- Recreational spend of students like food, alcohol sight seeing etc.

-If you are participating in a race, registration fee


- Diesel

- Transitlog

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